After the oil is collected from various outlets, it is graded and sold to various companies where the following products are made:

  • Paint base
  • Putty
  • Bio diesel
  • Chemicals as a base
  • Rubber
  • Mold release



Biodiesel plants have sprung up all over KZN, due to Carbon Footprint awareness. The advantages of biodiesel are as follows:

  • 80% less CO2 emissions, 100% less sulphur dioxide which decreases pollution
  • Degrades four times faster than fossil fuel
  • Carbon footprint on the environment is minimised
  • Safer to store



  • Under no circumstances is the spent oil used in the animal feed industry, or recycled for human consumption.
  • Yearly audits by the health department ensure compliance
  • Invoices issued on every collection / delivery - ensure traceability of disposal
  • Larger stores are given monthly break-downs of oil collections, which help the head office monitor oil usage in each store, and compliance to disposal regulations


  • We provide a "cradle to grave" service to all restaurants
  • We provide a much needed service - disposing of the oil in a responsible manner
  • All types of vegetable oil are collected - sunflower and palm oil
  • Our company has been in existence since 1999
  • The oil is collected and processed by one company so all activities are easily traced, monitored and controlled
  • We have a broad and strong base of long-term clients
  • Collections are done throughout Kwazulu Natal weekly / monthly
  • Monthly Recons given to "corporate" customers
  • Advice given on correct usage of cooking oil and when drainage is needed

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